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MosquitoNix® is here to bring you the best discount we have ever offered and the future of home mosquito control!

MosquitoNix® Mosquito misting systems:

Are discretely and strategically placed in eaves, fences, and trees

Uses non-toxic botanical based formulas

Smell like cinnamon and mint instead of nasty chemicals

Don’t hurt good bugs like butterflies, Ladybird, Bee etc.

Can be turned on and off before parties, BBQs, etc

But most importantly, they ELIMINATE MOSQUITOS


How long does it last?

The mosquito control fogging treatment is guaranteed up to 72 hours, but can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or more. If it happens to rain or you are unsatisfied with the treatment within the first 72 hours, give us a call. One of our trained team members will return to your home or business and retreat your lawn at no cost.

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The future of mosquito control



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Life Outside is Better

"MosquitoNix is awesome! Me and husband have tried other companies and we were still getting bit in our yard! When MosquitoNix came back out we can sit outside again! We will stick with them!"

Kimberly PriceHome Owner

"So far so good! I CAN NOT believe it but we have NO mosquito "friends" anymore!!!! I was very skeptical but this is legit! I am so pleased."

Rebecca BrooksHome Owner

"Works really well. Staff is attentive and diligent. Always responsive to any issues. Glad we chose mosquitonix over the competition."

Russell KooninHome Owner

"This is absolutely the best of the mosquito services in the Atlanta area!"

Kathryn MeehanHome Owner

"We are very satisfied and happy with the service that MosquitoNix provides. I haven’t been bitten once in the the two years since we began working with this company and have only seen a mosquito once or twice. The staff are very professional, reliable and thorough. Now my husband and I are able to enjoy the lovely patio and yard that we fell in love with five years ago when we bought our home."

Charlotte ParramoreHome Owner

"Very good and friendly technicians! Excellent job every time! In 3 years never have had to call them to come back! Did superb job every time! Want a mosquito free summer call mosquito nix!"

Steve CurrieHome Owner

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